Bin Locking - Remote Avid Collaboration With Renderro

Bin Locking - Remote Avid Collaboration With Renderro

Bin locking is a long-known feature for Avid users that makes it a little easier to collaborate in the post-production with access management.

What's Bin locking?

Bin locking is a technology that has been a long-time friend for teams who use Avid in their daily work.

In a simple sense, it informs the editors which files are currently being edited by other collaborators and when their edition is completed.

This easy trick saves a lot of problems that might otherwise occur when multiple team members work on the same sequences, like over-writing the work of the other person.

Avid Bin Locking

Avid remote work was the first software for filmmaking artists that included this feature and is currently the best tool on the market in that specific case.

To get access to Bin Locking, you need to purchase a physical Avid shared storage product like Nexis or use another storage system with AvidFS (Avid File System) emulation.

Avid Cloud Collaboration

The bins you are using in your projects can be accessed in two basic modes:

  • Write - allows you to modify, write, read sequences as pleased.
  • Read-Only - allows you to only view the sequences

The moment you start working on a sequence, it is opened with write access by checking out the bin. The bin's content is inaccessible for any of your collaborators until you are done with the and check it back.

The information about the state of the Bin is always displayed in the Media Composer to all users.

Bin locking in Renderro

Renderro offers a Bin locking as a custom-tailored feature for teams who want to work and collaborate using Renderro Computers.

To access Bin locking feature in Renderro, please reach out to us at with any details concerning the Bin locking setup you need to be implemented.