Cloud GPU - Comparing Nvidia GPUs from Google, Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, and Renderro

Aleksy Tecław
August 27, 2021
Aleksy Tecław
August 27, 2021

What is Cloud GPU?

What is Cloud GPU really? For a full understanding, the classic graphics processing unit has been produced since 1999, which freed the main processor (CPU) from the need to perform the calculations required to obtain 3D graphics. Cloud GPU has revolutionized the way graphics cards work even more, because thanks to this technology, the user does not need to have a GPU built into his computer.

Currently, all you need is a permanent Internet connection, thanks to which we can use our GPU with any strength without any obstacles. Most often, this technology is used for services such as Desktop-as-a-service or Computational workloads, which are used for large-scale mathematical modeling or deep learning.

The Benefits of using GPU in the Cloud

What were the benefits of switching from classic GPU to cloud GPU? And why should we do that?

1. Free local resources

Cloud computing does not consume local resources. Running a large machine learning model or rendering may slow down or even prevent your local computer from being used. By outsourcing computing power to the cloud, a person can easily continue to use their computer.

2. Cost reduction

Thanks to the cloud solution, we do not have to make significant capital investments. Often, companies offering cloud GPU decide on subscription models with the possibility of resignation at any time, thanks to which the cost structure changes significantly and will not burden our wallet with significant expenses in advance.

The cost of a physical workstation with a built-in Nvidia Tesla T4 16GB is around $ 9,000. In the case of Renderro, the basic package is only $ 19 per month and we can use it for free. a computer with the same card built, the price of which is around $ 2,700.

3. Easy start

No need to install graphics cards beforehand, significantly speeds up the operation of computer hardware in the enterprise. Thanks to this, starting work comes down to choosing the right offer and purchasing a subscription, as well as having an efficient internet connection.

4. Availability

Currently, we live in times with a huge deficit on the graphics card market. The cloud solution may be the only one that will allow us to quickly use a powerful graphics card without having to wait several months for the delivery of graphics cards to the market.

5. Easy scalability

At the time of the company's development and the need for new workstations, or simply the desire to change the technology used by the enterprise in the case of cloud GPU, this process is much simpler and more effective. We extend or change the subscription plan without the need for assembly or disassembly.

Nvidia GPU


Nvidia is a clear pioneer of the GPU solution. She, with her graphics cards, definitely revolutionized the technology market. This is also the case with Cloud GPU, of which Nvidia is the main supplier for Cloud GPU Servers. The main graphics cards that are used by Nvidia are T4 16 and 64GB as well as Tesla V100 and P100. Additionally, some of the Cloud GPU Providers use AMD cards.

Nvidia Cloud GPU Providers

The development of the Cloud GPU has contributed to significant progress in terms of companies offering this service. There are several key cloud GPU providers on the market right now, and we'll look at a few of them.

Cloud GPUs Comparison

Cloud GPU Comparison GPU CPU Ram Payment model Cheapest option
Amazon Web Service NVIDIA A10G up to 64 up to 256 GB pay-as-you-go $0.03/h
Google Cloud NVIDIA TESLA K80 up to 128 up to 64 GB pay-as-you-go $0.35/h
Oracle Cloud NVIDIA A100 OCPU up to 160 up to 512 GB subscription/pay-as-you-go $1.275/h
Azure Cloud NVIDIA TESLA V100 up to 416 up to 504 GB pay as you go, reserved instances, and spot instances $0.02/h
Renderro NVIDIA A10G up to 48 x 2.8 GHz up to 192 GB monthly subscription $79/month

1. Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform offering computing power, database hosting, and content delivery services. AWS uses the GPU from Nvidia in its Amazon Cloud GPU service, which is currently the most powerful cloud GPU available on the market. Various GPU variants are offered, including the most popular one, the NVIDIA A10GGPU.

2. Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Google Cloud also offers a wide variety of GPU servers in its Google Cloud instances. Google Cloud also mainly uses the Nvidia product. It offers the popular NVIDIA V100 GPU with 16GB GPU RAM and 900GB / s bandwidth and the Tesla K80 12GB VRAM, 240GBps bandwidth.

3. Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud GPU Service

Oracle, an American company dealing with software development for broadly understood enterprise support, also offers Oracle Cloud GPU Service. The equipment they offer are mainly: Tesla P100 16GB VRAM with 25GBps bandwidth; NVIDIA A100 GPU with 40GB VRAM and 12.5GBps bandwidth

4. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud solution

One of the most famous technology companies also decided to enter the market with its Microsoft Azure Cloud solution. Microsoft introduced Azure to the world in 2010. Microsoft Azure offers mainly NVIDIA Tesla V100 and T4 GPU with AMD EPYC2 processor.

5. Renderro


Our startup Renderro came to the market with a completely new solution, which, thanks to the use of Amazon Web Service services, allowed us to introduce Desktop-as-a-service based on the Nvidia Cloud GPU. The difference from our solution is that the user can add a new workstation with one click and does not need a previously built network of computers. Everything is very intuitive and simple. The graphics cards we use are NVIDIA A10GGB and 64 GB. They allow you to use the maximum power of your computer and create your work in a very effective way.


Each of the solutions is definitely very competitive and has a very attractive offer, however, Renderro enables a completely new quality of use through a subscription formula with different packages and Cloud GPU powers.

Don’t hesitate to try Renderro now and check how easy it is to use our application and our DaaS.

A GIF showing the process of uploading files into the Renderro Web App.

Keep it always accessible for everyone

Those drives can be shared between your Renderro Cloud Desktops, allowing instant access to all your work, for all your team members.

With team resources management, you are always in control of the access and permissions to all Renderro resources.

A GIF showing the connection to Renderro Cloud Desktops as well as the way of accessing files stored on Renderro Cloud Storage through Renderro Cloud Desktops.

Work on powerful Cloud Desktop

Moving your work to Renderro Cloud Workplace means access to incredibly fast Cloud Desktops that can run any software you would normally run on Windows 10 machines.

You can switch between computers at any time with a single click to adjust the power to the task at hand.

A GIF showing hoa you change the power of Renderro Cloud Desktops, how you turn them on and how you turn on Blender software on a running Renderro Cloud Desktop.