Fair Usage Agreement

Studio and Pro plans:

You have an allowance of discounted priced for 200 h x number of computers in a given month.
After reaching this threshold Freelancer computer prices apply (Pay-As-You-Go). The limit applys to all Computer Powers and all your computers.

For example:

  1. You are using Pro plan for 100 h in a given month and you only used Basic Computer, you will not pay any additional fee. $99 (Pro plan, single computer with 200h discounted usage allowance) + 100 * $0.00 = TOTAL $99
  2. You are using Studio plan and you have two computers purchased. You spend 450 hours on these two computers using both Medium and Basic powers. For the first 400 hours you don't pay for your Basic Power usage and you pay $0.45 for Medium Power Usage. Let's say during first 400 hours you spend 300h on Basic and 100h on Medium. Then you spent another 25 hours on Basic and another 25 hours Medium (50h in total) The amount you need to pay for that month equals to: $199 (Studio Plan with 2 computers, 400h discounted usage allowance) + 300 * $0.00 + 100 * $0.45 (Basic and Medium Usage during first 400 hours) + 25 * $1.59 + 25 * $2.49 = TOTAL $346
  • We do not allow crypto-currency mining.
  • We do not allow using software without valid, purchased licenses.
  • We do not allow using computers for crime activity.