Renderro Desktops are like your own computer

But in the cloud - work on them on any device, any time, anywhere (as long as you have internet).

How does Renderro Cloud Desktop work?

Cloud Desktops are powerful physical machines located in data centers that you connect to, using remote desktop technology.

Renderro establishes a secure and encrypted connection between your device and our servers. As a result, you can control powerful cloud machines on any device.

Operate with ease, like Cloud PC was your own device ...on steroids!

Renderro provides real-time delivery of a rich user desktop experience.
With minimal latency that occurs between your input and what you see on the screen of the Renderro Desktop, our technology does what's necessary when it comes to a task like video editing or modeling, where even milliseconds can make a difference.

Use up to 96 x 2.8 Ghz of computing power.
Transfer your files into or out of your Renderro Desktop with 3,000 Mbps internet speed!

Connect with a desktop application or browser

You can connect to your Renderro Cloud Desktops with our desktop application or by using a browser connection.

Picture showing a laptop and two Renderro Client installation versions. One is for macOS, and the other version is for Windows.
A stilised picture of the browser, surrounded by the icons of popular web browsers: Safari, Chrome, Mozilla and Opera.

The desktop application is meant for precise, pixel-perfect work like editing and modeling, while the browser connection lets you quickly access your Cloud Desktop to check up on rendering, or transfer files.

Never again be limited by your setup

Need more processing power? With Renderro you can use the same computer but turn it on with more power. The Renderro Illuminate Machine is just 1 click away and gives you the incredible power of 8 x NVIDIA L4 24GB GPUs, 384 GB of RAM and 96 CPUs x 2.8 GHz.

Choose any of our four setups and switch between them at any time - both upgrading or downgrading. Simple editing? Work with Activate. Demanding rendering task? Go Volt with a few clicks.