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Welcome to your Renderro Desktop! Renderro is a scalable Cloud Computing platform for freelance and studio creatives that need a boost in processing power.


Each customer is given a Cloud R-Drive and Renderro Desktop(s) to help you speed up computationally-intensive rendering, editing, designing and modeling tasks. You may find your very own Cloud R-Drive located in the File Explorer of this Renderro Desktop (This PC → Name and letter of your Cloud Drive).


For the best experience, software installation and project files that need to be worked on should be stored in the Renderro Desktop storage (C: Drive). Assets and other long-term storage media such as video, audio and image files should be stored in the Cloud R-Drive.


Once you’ve completed a project, you may move your files to the Cloud Drive to access them outside of the Renderro Desktop or share them for the world to see your creation.


In the future, if the software of your choice requires a newer version of the video driver, please reach out to Support. Please do not attempt to install the latest video driver on your own, as this may bring unintended side-effects to the connection, software usage or menuing experience.


Useful tips


To change the name of your Renderro Desktop, visit the Renderro Computers page and then click to the following menus:

Triple-dotted Menu → Settings → Edit → Change the Renderro Desktop name


To change the name and/or letter of your Drive, visit the Renderro Drive page and then click to the following menus:

Triple-dotted Menu → Settings → Edit → Change the Drive name/letter field


For up-to-date information regarding Renderro features, software compatibility, and other self-help guides, we invite you to browse through our Knowledge Base to find the relevant answers.


If you have any questions, reach out to our support via the Chat Bubble or via support@renderro.com