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What is Renderro Cloud Desktop?

Renderro Cloud Desktops are the core feature of your Renderro Cloud Workplace.

Cloud Desktops are powerful physical machines located in data centers that you connect to using remote desktop technology.

Renderro uses a TGX Remote Desktop Technology created by Mechdyne company. The key advantage of TGX over the other Remote Desktop services is the minimal latency that occurs between your input (like keyboard typing or mouse clicks) and what you see on the screen of the Cloud Desktop. This offers a high precision when it comes to a task like video editing or modeling, where even milliseconds can make a difference.

To connect to your Renderro Cloud Desktop, turn on your computer using the On/Off toggle next to your computer's name and click the "Connect" button after it turns active.


If this is your first time connecting to Renderro Cloud Desktop, you will be asked to download and install the desktop TGX application.

After the connection is established, you will see the desktop of Windows 10 with a Renderro background wallpaper - that's your new Cloud Desktop.

You can install and run any type of professional software that you use in your daily work.