How does billing Work?

What am I billed for and why?

There are 3 purchase types with Renderro:
- The Monthly or Annual Subscription Charge
- Monthly Add-On Charges for storage upgrade
- One-Time Credit Purchases.

The Freelance and Pro Plan come with one 100GB Renderro Desktop and 500GB or 1TB of R-Drive Cloud Storage, respectively. The Pro Plan also includes $100 of Monthly Credits.

The Studio Plan comes with two 100GB Renderro Desktops, 2TB of R-Drive Cloud Storage and the ability to purchase three additional Renderro Desktops for $99 each.

The Enterprise Plan is custom built for the needs to the customer.

All additional Renderro purchases (Storage Upgrades, Additional Computers on Studio etc.) are prorated for the first month to coincide with your billing cycle and will then be charged together with your subscription start date.

Upgrading your plan will come into effect immediately and costs are prorated. Downgrading your plan comes into affect at the end of the billing cycle.