When am I billed?

The billing system you will experience in Renderro depends on the subscription plan you wish to use.

Currently, we have four subscription tiers - Freelancer, Pro, Studio, and Enterprise

We recommend starting your Renderro account with a 7-day trial for $7 to see how the service works for you. That should be enough time to install any software you wish to use and test it.

After the 7 days, you can either unsubscribe or subscribe to our Freelancer, Pro, or Studio plan. If you do not unsubscribe, you will be moved to a Freelancer subscription automatically.

The Freelancer plan is best for people working a few hours a week. The $49 subscription is for 1TB of cloud storage and you pay a standard price for computer usage (hourly based).


The price for computer usage will change according to the machines you are using. We currently offer Basic, Medium, Advanced, and Turbo machines. A detailed pricing table can be found on our pricing page.

With the Pro plan, you additionally get 160 hours per month of Basic computer usage time included. This plan allows you to pay a single subscription and not worry about any extra costs. Best for people working on their projects daily. The Pro plan also comes with 1TB of cloud storage.

The Studio plan is meant for teams and companies who want to have more than one and up to ten Cloud Computers on their account. The Studio plan comes with 2TB of cloud storage.

The payment for the monthly subscription will take place each month, and the billing for computer usage will take place each time a computer is turned off, based on the active time.