Rendering complex 3D scene in third of the time




Alfie Vaughan


VFX artist

Project timeline

Two weeks

What we delivered

Turbo Cloud Desktop


Alfie Vaughan is a filmmaker and musician working as a professional VFX artist. VFX makes up the main content he produces on his Youtube channel. A big part of his work are animations created with Blender, which was his weapon of choice for working with Renderro.

Some of the projects by Alfie

Iron Man Suit Up!

A very advanced animation of a whole gearing up in Ironman's suit.

Thor's hammer VFX

A short VFX animation, where Thor goes bowling!

About the project

We asked Alfie to compare our Renderro Desktops with his workstation that he uses in day-to-day work. To do this, he created a very detailed 3D scene with virus particles.

Alfie's Renderro project


The project that our Cloud Computers were tested on was a complex 3D scene built of detailed particles. To make the comparison reliable, the scene had to include tons of features that are resource-demanding when it comes to rendering.

To create a 3D scene, Alfie used Blender for modeling and rendering.

Alfie's Renderro bare
Alfie's Renderro pre-rendered


We have provided Alfie with access to our most powerful Turbo computer, which offers 48 vCPU's, 192GB of RAM, and 4x NVIDIA A10G graphic cards with 64GB of GPU.

Alfie found that our Rednerro Turbo Cloud Desktop out formed his physical workstation by cutting the rendering time from 150 to 40 minutes. As an additional comparison, his MacBook Pro estimated about 10 hours of rendering, before the scene was ready.

You can see the whole story and effects on his Youtube channel, in this video:


Rendering in a third of the time compared to an already powerful physical workstation.

Worktime saved with a seamless experience of moving the working files to Renderro Cloud Desktop.