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Branding, graphics, 3D design

Project timeline


What we delivered

Advanced power computers with 1TB storage


OnTheRocks is a creative agency working with companies like Spokko - a member of the ‘CD Project’ Family. They offer services at every step of the process, from strategy through to planning, from concept to execution. They take up a challenge and find creative ways to deal with it from branding, publications, web design, and animations.

Some of the projects created by OnTheRocks

Filbico animation for Fujitsu

Map Animation from a Filbico company that provides the Polish Armed Forced with ICT services.

Opening titles for a TV series

OneTheRocks created the animated opening titles for ‘Druga Szansa’, a Polish TV series by TVN, the biggest Polish TV station.

About the project

One of their projects for an FMCG customer required a complex 3D animation which acted as the foundation for their whole campaign. The project is under an DNA so none of the work can be posted.


OnTheRocks works in an agile fashion - they scale their team and resources based on the task at hand. This means that the studio didn’t want to make long-term investment and pay $5,000 per workstation for the simple project, however, they still wanted to deliver the possible best service by keeping the product in-house.

To create a 3D animation they used Blender for modelling and rendering followed by post-production work in Adobe After Effects.


Within a few hours OnTheRocks created their Renderro accounts and were ready to go, with the power they needed. By splitting the work on our Cloud Desktops they could keep working on the project alongside other daily tasks. With scalable power, they were always on time with the subsequent iterations. This saved a lot of time, for both OnTheRocks and their client.


Minimal costs - instead of buying expensive hardware or looking for a service provider, OnTheRocks paid only for the computing power that they needed, for how long they needed it.

Multi-Tasking - because Renderro can run alongside other applications, the team could still perform their other daily tasks and let our desktops do the heavy lifting.

Eco-Friendly - OnTheRocks was a lot more eco-friendly by using our Machines on a per-need basis, rather than seeing up new workstations for their animators and designers.

Hours Saved - The power of Renderro setups allows for changes in even the most demanding projects a lot faster, saving time for both their team and client.