10 Blender Tips



Blender Daily
3D artist

I am a passionate Blender artist based in Switzerland. I got introduced to Blender in 2018 while working on a school project. I fell in love with this awesome open-source 3d software right away and continued using it for personal works, even after finishing school. In early 2019 I started the Blender Daily Instagram account where I’ve been posting short tutorials on a daily basis ever since! Nowadays I also do client work but my main focus is on teaching the software to others.

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About this Class

In this tutorial I am going to share 10 essential quick tips and shortcuts every beginner in Blender should be aware of. They will improve your workflow and make your 3d work more intuitive & fun. I discuss various tips in the 3d viewport, shading editor, camera tips, useful menus and more. I’m sure you will learn something new!

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What you'll learn ?

✔️ Subdivision Surface Modifier Shortcut

✔️ Difference between Duplicates & Linked Duplicates

✔️ Active Camera to View Shortcut

✔️ Lock Camera to View

✔️ Quick Favorites Menu

✔️ How to Copy Modifiers & Shaders

✔️ Copy Colors

✔️ Editor Type Shortcuts

✔️ Custom Preview HDRi

✔️ Quick Explosion