Camera Tracking with Blender for Beginners! (VFX Tutorial)



Blender Daily
3D artist

I am a passionate Blender artist based in Switzerland. I got introduced to Blender in 2018 while working on a school project. I fell in love with this awesome open-source 3d software right away and continued using it for personal works, even after finishing school. In early 2019 I started the Blender Daily Instagram account where I’ve been posting short tutorials on a daily basis ever since! Nowadays I also do client work but my main focus is on teaching the software to others.

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About this Class

In this lesson I will guide you step by step through the process of placing any 3d element into your footage with Blender. It is simpler than you might think! You’ll learn about camera tracking, realistic lighting, using shadow catchers and finally the Rendering & Compositing. It is a beginner friendly tutorial with a lot of extra tips and tricks!

Motion Tracking is used to track the motion of objects and/or a camera and, through the constraints, to apply this tracking data to 3D objects (or just one), which have either been created in Blender or imported into the application. Blender’s motion tracker supports a couple of very powerful tools for 2D tracking and 3D motion reconstruction, including camera tracking and object tracking, as well as some special features like the plane track for compositing.

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What you'll learn ?

✔️ Motion tracking with Blender

✔️ How to place 3D elements in any video

✔️ Shadow Catcher Setup

✔️ HDRi Lighting

✔️ VFX Rendering & Compositing

✔️ Animation Rendering