Particle Animation for Beginners! (Blender Tutorial)



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Author I am a passionate Blender artist based in Switzerland. I got introduced to Blender in 2018 while working on a school project. I fell in love with this awesome open-source 3d software right away and continued using it for personal works, even after finishing school. In early 2019 I started the Blender Daily Instagram account where I’ve been posting short tutorials on a daily basis ever since! Nowadays I also do client work but my main focus is on teaching the software to others.

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About this Class

In this lesson, you will get introduced to particle systems in Blender. They are easier to use than you might initially think. I’m going to guide you step by step through the process, so you can learn all the essentials and continue to use the techniques for your own projects.

Particles are many objects emitted from mesh objects, usually in the thousands. Each particle can be a light point or a grid and be connected or dynamic. They can react to many different influences and forces and have an idea of life expectancy. Dynamic particles can represent fire, smoke, fog, and other things like dust and magic spells.

For example, hair particles are a subset of regular particles. Hair particle systems form curves that can represent hair, fur, grass, and bristles.

Particles generally float out of the mesh into space and many things can influence their movement. In this tutorial, learn how to use them and develop your skills in the most popular free 3D animation program, Blender!

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What you'll learn ?

✔️ Particle Baking

✔️ Basic Shading

✔️ Randomize Colors

✔️ HDRi Lighting

✔️ Depth of Field

✔️ Animation Rendering

✔️ Eevee Rendering