Join our Discord community!

Join our Discord community!

We are happy to bring our community closer! Learn about Renderro Discord Community - why we have created it and how you can join it today.

In the past months, we started receiving a lot of messages, features requests, and bug reports coming from Renderro users via a landscape of different communication channels - chatbots, email, phone calls.

Today, we introduce a more human way to reach the whole Renderro Team - our community Discord server.

What's Discord?

What's Discord

Discord is a free application that combines voice and text chats and segregates conversations into topic-related channels.

It was initially used by gamers as a free alternative to voice chat services, but quickly became the #1 application for almost all communities like animators, video professionals, and designers.

The Discord application can be launched from the browser and by using a desktop application. It is a safe and secure way to communicate with people like you.

Why do we need Discord community?

Renderro Discord Community

We decided to create our community to give Renderro users a way to reach our team, discuss needed features, report bugs, or simply share projects done with Renderro.

Because Discord is based on group chats, even when it happens that no one from the Renderro team is around, you can still get help from other Renderro users.

How can you join?

Joining our Discord community is easy and takes no more than five minutes.

To join, follow this link to our Discord community.

If you don't have a Discord account yet, you will have to go through some basic setup steps to create your new account.

After creating the account, you will see a quick guide around the community channels.

Renderro Discord Community Welcome

Right now there are six main channels:

#general - for general discussion

#random - for random discussions, not related to Renderro

#accouncements - big channel announcements

#news - news about Renderro new features and company

#showcase - share your Renderro projects

#help - ask for assistance or report a bug in Renderro

If you have more questions related to the Discord platform, you can ready this Beginner's Guide.

We are happy to invite you to become a part of our Discord community and share your Renderro experience with others!

Join now.