Renderro Subscriptions Explained

Subscription Plans


Freelancer: Renderro Freelancer is a good option for anyone that needs only a little bit of extra help with their processing needs. The Freelancer Plan gives you access to the Renderro R-Drive Storage and your own Renderro Desktop which works in a pre-paid credit based model.

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Professional: Renderro Professional is the perfect option for anyone that wants to use Renderro with credits included. With the Professional plan you get $100 of monthly credits included.

Studio: The Renderro Studio plan is perfect for teams who want to provide their team members with Renderro Desktops and want to collaborate.

The Studio plan comes with two Renderro Desktops that can be shared with additional users. Additional computers can be purchased up to a limit of 5 computers.

Invite team members with Renderro Teams and share data and workstations with team members.

Work on the same files as your colleagues using Renderro R-Drives.

See who used their workstations and with which power using Renderro Logs & Stats.

Similarly to the Freelance Plan, usage works in a pre-paid credit based model.

Enterprise: Do you need SLAs? More than 5 Renderro Desktops? Let’s Talk!

Renderro Desktop Upgrades

Your standard Renderro Cloud Desktop comes with:

  • Each Renderro Desktop includes:
  • 100GB of Desktop Storage (To Install your Software)
  • 1TB of Renderro Cloud R-Drive Storage (To Manage your Media)
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Storage can be upgraded
  • Renderro Desktop Storage: $20 for every additional 100GB, charged monthly.
  • Renderro R-Drive Cloud Storage: $25 for every additional 1TB, charged monthly.


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